170 Incident

Some of President-elect Trump’s national security appointees are part of Official Washington’s we-hate-Iran” group think, raising concerns about another Mideast war, notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. In terms of shock value, it’s not only that Hassanzadeh is a woman in the largely male world of oil and gas. I am now devoting my time mostly to consulting companies including start-ups, coaching, and advising young Iranian-Americans. He also claims to have given the technology to the Iranian government years ago and is actively working with them.

The regulations on applying for knowledge based companies first showed up in Iran’s parliament in 2003, to promote the countries knowledge economy and the advancement of technology and science in the country. Ailis developed a CV that demonstrated his skills in engineering so that Australian employers would take notice.

Paul Kintner of Cornell University did this in 2008 and said the apparatus could be made as cheap as 1000$. Oil and gas are cheap, the technology is outdated and the already high levels of energy consumption are increasing year by year. However, the engineer does not state in the video whether his modified vehicle used both forms of fuel to propel the car.

Zinouri moved to the U.S. in August 2010 and obtained a master’s degree from Northern Illinois University, then obtained a Ph.D. engineer in industrial engineering last year on a full scholarship from Clemson University, where she won a prestigious research award.

The revelations about Iran’s apparent electronic prowess come as the US, Israel , and some European nations appear to be engaged in an ever-widening covert war with Iran, which has seen assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, explosions at Iran’s missile and industrial facilities, and the Stuxnet computer virus that set back Iran’s nuclear program.

Fonseca is a mechanical engineer whose role in the conspiracy was to travel to the U.S. to approve the machinery and learn how to install and maintain the machinery once it was shipped to its final destination in more information in wikipedia Iran. TEHRAN: Iranian film The Salesman” on Sunday won the Oscar for best foreign language film, but director Asghar Farhadi skipped the Hollywood gala in protest at a travel ban by US President Donald Trump.

At a conference in Tehran in late November, Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh tantalized more than 300 foreign energy executives with 70 exploration and development projects up for bid, targeting $30 billion in new investments. That effort casts new light not only on the larger assassination campaign, but on the way in which Israel has gone about constructing its contention that there is an active Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The petroleum engineering company in Tehran is one of eight companies designated by the government to develop Siraf. Amid much alarmist talk about an Iranian engineer system test nuclear weapon being just around the corner, the military option” was repeatedly and seriously discussed as the principal alternative to negotiations.